Fly Air Jacket


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A shell jacket that can be used for full-scale winter mountaineering such as 3,000m-class snowy mountains. It is equipped with mobility and light weight, assuming active movement in winter mountains. The fabric is a three-layer structure of GORE-TEX PRODUCTS with excellent waterproof and breathable performance, which demonstrates performance even in weather such as rain and snow. The material is 30 denier, which is both sturdy and thin, and is light and supple to fit your body movements. The characteristic "flying squirrel type" pattern design further enhances motility. It is a pattern design with a high degree of freedom of movement, which makes it easy to raise the arms because the width of the body and sleeves are wide, and it is easy to move back and forth by using the front furisode. The length of the front body is slightly shorter so that the legs can be easily raised. The front flap, which enhances waterproofness, is not treated on the hood and hem to pursue lightness. There are two fasteners inside the flap pockets on both sides, one in the bag pocket. The other is a through pocket with easy access to Midler. We are particular about the details of the flap part, and by folding it using the hook-and-loop fastener inside, we add functionality that makes it easy to take in the wind into the clothes. The neck guard is designed higher to improve cold weather. The hood is compatible with wearing a helmet. By treating the hem with a removable leg loop, it reduces slipping up in large movement scenes such as ice climbing. It is the first place that is packed with the elements required for winter mountaineering in an original shape.